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On my future application where I will sell my courses, I would like to set up the “drip content” feature.
The majority of my courses are fully accessible after purchase, but I have a course (for the moment, but I plan to create more of this type) of which a module is delivered every week for 12 weeks.
Example: a customer buys the course today, he has access to the first module, on the 22nd he will have access to the 2nd, on the 29th to the 3rd and so on for 3 months.

For information, I have my product data type which is linked to my chapter data type, itself linked to my module data type. Do I add a Dates data type with the number of days for each module?

In your opinion, what would be the best practice to put in place to make drip content?

Thank you.

It sounds in this case like the easiest thing to do would be to save a number on whichever data type that you want to gradually grant access to, and think of that number as a set unit of time (number of days/weeks/months, whatever you prefer, but day or even hours will give you the most flexibility). Let’s call that X for now.

Then you can use that number to calculate a datetime from whatever point in time you want (User registry date/purchase date) etc. Granting access to a given module would then be If current datetime > Purchase date + X hours/days/weeks.

I’ll always try to think of how I can make an app as flexible as possible, and that’s usually easier to maintain when you don’t rely on workflows. The case above could be solved with a scheduled backend workflow, but that would leave you with an inflexible constant (the time at which the workflow is scheduled), whereas the scenario above will remain flexible if one of the variables change (such as you manually editing the User’s purhcase date, or if you decide you want to drip more frequently or even stop granting access indefinitely - you never know).

Hope I understood your question correctly, and that this was of some help!

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This is what I had been thinking about.
Indeed, I always prefer to keep a certain flexibility and avoid information redundancies (at the base I’m an Access specialist and now I have been starting with Bubble for about 2 months so it’s a bit the same principle at the level of the structure).

Thank you so much :grinning:

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