Driver Tracker App for Rstaurant

Hello all i have been asked to build an app for a Restaurant’s Team of delivery driver’s a system that gives live updates on the driver’s route for the company plus Customer’s can track the Eta on their delivery.
My initial idea was to use Google’s API
but the client wants nothing to do with Google and wants it to be a Tracking app unique to his Restaurant.
I have looked at various api’s but all used Google map’s the best option i’ve found so far is DeTracker but once again it’s a Google maps thing.
My question is can anyone PLEASE help me with this ? Is there another option i could use within Bubble eg plugin ?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Roger J.

Hey :wave: @rjrjchubba

That’s too bad they don’t want to use Google. Maybe try some other options like this one:

I am not sure it has all the same capabilities, but you can always have your client pay @vini_brito to do any additional things to the plugin if need be.

Or this one from @ZeroqodeSupport

Hope that helps! :blush:


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MapBox has one and it works great. I recommend you to set the boundaries of what technically is needed for the project.

You can do it with MapBox GPS tracking or by using a tracking provider to track vehicles.

Hello J805,
firstly thanks for such a quick reply i will be checking out the links you sent me 2moz many thanks again and yea it’s defo a big shame they wont use google maps.

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thanks for your reply it defo looks like MapBox is the one
Many Thanks

No problem :blush: Hope you find a solution. Both plugins I sent to you use the MapBox API like @nocodeventure suggested.

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Olá, deu certo ?
Estou querendo colocar essa função no meu app também

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