Eaty Template HELPPPPPPP

Good afternoon
I would like to know if someone makes changes to the eaty template.
I want you to have a delivery fee depending on the distance kilometers, and I want the price to vary depending on the distance.

I’ve actually done this already for several users as well as for @marlonromano and @seluleko6, kindly send me a message if you’re interested to discuss more.

Some of the things I’ve done on the eaty template before but not limited to:

  • Mapbox Integration for live tracking and route
  • Distance calculation
  • Checkout process with Flutterwave
  • Postmark Integration for Email
  • Driver & Restaurant workflow adjustments

im interested to discuss more

hey man. I want to get the ability for my customers to track the deliveries. And also I want to track the drivers as well. How can this be done.

Let’s discuss on Trello =)

Sent you a PM

not seeing any PM

Hi Marlon,
Check the Trello page for notifications. Feel free to add your task or request on the platform as well if you need to have this done shortly.

i am on the app. What do I do?


I’m working on bubble app for making like uber eats app

I wanted to make real time tracking of driver in customer page.

Is that feature available in your plugin, or any suggestions for doing that?

Kindly help me out regarding the same.

Thank you