Drop-down depending on the previously selected drop-down

Dear all,

Sorry if a similar topic has been raised already. Unfortunately, I could not find a solution for my case.

I need to add hospital departments to my database that belong to certain clinics (over 100 000 items and constantly increasing). So I started two databases: Clinics and Departments. When a user chooses a certain clinic his choice of departments must be limited to this clinic only.

How would you recommend doing that?

Many thanks in advance!

It depends on how do you connect Clinic and Department data types. If Clinic has a list of Departments:
Do a search for Departments where Clinic = Dropdown "Choose a Clinic"'s value

Artem, many thanks!

Here is what I’ve done:

and the database of the Departments:

unfortunately I get black fields for departments:

You haven’t set the Option Caption (i.e. what you want to dropdown to display) - hence why it’s displaying nothing.

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@adamhholmes Adam, @artemzheg Artem, you are genius! Many thanks for your help!

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