Drop Down Lists + Data

Hope this is the best category. I have known about Bubble for a long time, but today is my first day actually looking at it.

Please be gentle. While I am tech savvy, I am not at all familiar with how this works (yet).

What I want to do is have one drop down list with a hand-full of options…static. Then I want to have…if it is possible…I have not seen it yet…a standard list on the left below with items that change depending on which option is selected in the above drop down list. Then when one of the items is selected in the listbox on the left, I want it to show text defined for that item on the right.

Let’s say if it’s like a web page for tips. You select the category at the top, and then the specific tip on the left, and then you can read the actual tip on the right.

How do I do that? Thanks much in advance!

Is there any specific reason why the options need to be static?

I’m asking this because, in general, the more dynamic the data is, the less work it is to manipulate it, including allowing changes made to be reflected throughout the application.

That said, you would need to have a data structure where there is a relationship between the category, tip, and tip description.

Regarding the categories, if it is not a very large list and there is no need for them to be constantly changed, it could be a set of (static) options, which you could link to your database, where you would have the tip and its respective description, associated with a category (or list of categories).

Thank you very much. No, it could be dynamic. Is there anywhere I could find an example of this? Or perhaps pay a small fee to get one (to anyone who wanted to kick it out)?