Dropdown with Data Base

Hello guys,

I’m working on an attendance app, and I’m stuck real bad. I don’t understand what I don’t understand I supposed? Hahaha! But I did try to look around the forum to find the solution. Yet I can’t find one similar to me, even if I do, I couldn’t understand as well since the topic is different.

So basically, I want to make Dropdown_1, with Present as the default.
Sadly nothing came out after I input everything. I tried to trail and error yesterday and managed to got it right, but that was all luck and no knowledge, after changing some stuff in data base, nothing show up anymore.

This is the 2nd dropdown, Dropdown_2.
Basically, my idea was to select “Leave” in Dropdown_1, and Dropdown_2 will appear. But since I couldn’t even do Dropdown_1, I never test Dropdown_2 yet. Hahaa!

Am I doing right inside the Data Base area?

Probably not. If not, what should I do?

Also, after I select my dropdown, how do I save it inside my USER data?

Thanks for helping out. I understand that I’m leaving everything to you all, but I’ve been struggling for 3 to 4 days to do this.

Why do you need a database for this? You could just use a dropdown with static values. If this is the extent of your situation, I would recommend going that route.


I have the impression that static won’t let me customize what I want. For example, if I select “LEAVE”, then this group will appear. So basically it’s IF and THEN in programming. Do I need dynamic to work that way? Or just static will do? Oh, and I have 11 options to choose from.

im assuming that when you said database is where you want it stored in appdata?

and assuming those data are tied to certain data say “people”. the way i would do it, you can leave it at static at the initial input but it has to be registered in appdata (which is your database). then you can reference or do lookup by sourcing back to that group.

is my assumption correct?

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