Dynamic Dropdown Needs to Refer to Multiple Data Sources

Hi, I have a table called “Food Category” that lists out various attributes of each overall Food Category. The fields include category name, variable 1, variable 2, variable 3 (i.e. Row 1 would be Vegetables, Fiber Content, Taste, Seasonality, Row 2 would be Cereal, Price, Healthiness, Variety). The number of potential rows is being treated by me as potentially infinite. Each page in my app refers to Variable 1, Variable 2, and Variable 3 throughout and just fills in those variables with the names in the Food Category table.

I am looking to make a drop-down that would show or hide different variables when I go to a Food’s page. I want the dropdown to show that food’s Variable 1, Variable 2, and Variable 3 text as it’s defined in the Food Category table. However, I cannot figure out how to construct a dynamically generated list that shows the text contents of these three different fields. Is this possible to do in Bubble?

Hi @shanimal, you may need to make a custom Repeating Group dropdown in order to get the app to work the way you want.

I would need to see your data structure to give more specific advice. Do you have an example snippet of the data now and how you want it to appear?

Tricky one withour seeing more, but in a dropdown you have the options being a list of concatenated texts. With this you could use the multiple descriptions/names of different data types.
You then would need to be aware that when filtering the results based on that dropdown, you can no longer compare object to object, you need to compare their text values and see if they are right.

Given what you described this should work, but again, can’t say for sure with just the description.

Thanks so much- I figured out a different way to go about solving here.

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