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I know this has been brought up in the past and I am not sure if bubble uses these posts to become aware of bugs or if it is necessary to file a bug report if through posting here other users can not help diagnose the issue or offer an alternative approach.

The drop down text alignment in the editor does not work, so I believe is a bug. I saw it posted in the past. One user offered a coded work around

However, I still think the intention should be to have the drop down element text alignment tool working properly as not all drop down elements would a user necessarily want the same styling and the coded work around seems to effect all drop down elements on the page ( if not the whole app, haven’t checked yet )

Any idea if it is necessary to file a bug report?

Hi @boston85719 ,

I believe this is a browser compatibility issue on the market and prevents Bubble from making the change. There are plugins that allow more flexibility.

Ok, I haven’t tested multiple browsers but am using google chrome, which I opted to use when building on bubble as I understand over 60% of browsers worldwide are chrome.

I did put an html element onto the group that is home to the drop down elements I want to have center align and it only affects those in that group, and not all on the same page, so the html workaround seems to be ok.

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