Dropdown Default value = "null", is it possible?

Hi everyone,

I can’t give any “text” value to a Dropdown default value. It seems the only choice is building a dynamic expression. Am I missing something ?

Here’s my point :

I’m trying to constraint a search based upon a dropdown value, but this value is only used through the :filtered constraint.

When the page is loaded, a workflow gets the whole Data Type and put it in a custom state. Then I point my RG’source to this custome state. This works perfectly (and that’s really nice as doing so, I’m loading full data first, which is what I want).

Then, I’m adding :filtered “pertinent dropdown’s value”, and I can now filter data upon the choosen value. Great, and very quick as there’s no more server request.

But look, when I’m loading the page, the default DD’value is nothing, so the :filtered constraint prevents the RG having any data in itself.

How could I do this ?



Hey @michelduprez

Make sure you have the « ignore empty constraints » checked in your RG’s :filtered
That should do it

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Great, now it’s working. Thanks a lot, ambroisedlg.

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Good to hear! All the best with your project

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Oh and by the way, it’s only possible to specify a default value into a dropdown if its Type of content is set to “text”, which is what I was missing, but I don’t need to anymore thanks to your solution.