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Dropdown element disables itself

Hey Bubblers,

Not sure if this is a bug so I wanted to start first in the forum.

I have several dropdown elements on different forms and I noticed that (sometimes) these elements will disable themselves. It has happened before or after the dropdown element is selected.

Any ideas why?

Thanks for any help

I had the same issue when I was copying them. For some odd reason it was converted to a different element all together. I think it changed itself to a search element instead of a drop down. Is that what you see too? It looked disabled to me too but it was actually a completely different type of element after the copy and paste.

No, I’m not seeing that in my case.

I did try to replicate the behavior using a desktop (Chrome & IE browsers) and they did not disable.

I usually use a Mac (Safari browser), I wonder if the browsers could have an effect on the dropdowns disabling themselves?


That’s possible. I have had weird issues on Safari as well. Had to switch to Chrome. If you can repeat the issue consistently then I would file a bug report. :slight_smile: