Bubble Dropdown is broken

i facing issue with Bubble Dropdown with certain iOS Devices.


even in Windows/Chrome, the simple Dropdown select is broken.

Problem description :

  • after select the option from Dropdown, = nothing selected.
  • try to use a text element to reflect Dropdown A’s Value = show nothing
  • checked Data Privacy, not private.

I have to turn a Repeating G to replace dropdown. is complete unusable now.

anyone facing similar issue??

Nope. Can you check that you don’t have some workflow running when the dropdown is changed? That’s usually the issue.

i create a Text element which

it direct reflect “Dropdown A’s Value”

The text element cant get any data from the dropdown
The Dropdown itself, dont even showed i selected an option, even after selected option

create a brand new page, and try again. See if you still have the same issue. If so, report the issue. If not, then there is something funny going on.

But do a test with a dynamic value in dropdown, as well as static (just in case it’s your dynamic value that is messed up).

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