Dropdown in Repeating Group [How-To?]

Hello. I am trying to make a RepeatingGroup with a dropdown inside, but i cannot understand how to do it.
This is a simple question, but i cannot seem to understand why it is not working, although i have done this before, and it worked, it doesn’t want to work now.
Basically, as you can see in the both screenshots, the repeating group “Status” is there, but it itsn’t in the preview.
Here’s the screenshot of the appearance;

Hi @Chriss - in “RepeatingGroup text”, you don’t have a value in “Data source”. Put in a value (ie a “Search for text” or whatever) and you should be all set.

Hello, @nikolai, i’m sorry, but “Search for text” doesn’t show up.

I’m sorry if these are unusual questions because of how easy you can answer or fix the issues, it’s just that i already forgot everything as i was on a vacation for a while.

Hi @Chriss - based on list of Data Types you’re showing, you probably want “StatuS” (not “text”) as your “Type of content” in the Repeating Group

Thanks, Nikolai.
Have a greata day :smile:

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