Group within a Repeating Group?

Not sure if I’m going crazy here but I cannot seem to get a ‘Group’ within a ‘Repeating Group’, to display data. I just cannot work out the ‘Data source’ options.

The image below shows me successfully pulling data into a ‘Text’ element whilst inside a ‘Repeating Group’. OKAY

HOWEVER, when I try to pull the same information into the ‘Text’ element - but this time inside a ‘GROUP’ element - which sits inside a ‘REPEATING GROUP’, I just cannot seem to get the data to appear. The main issue stemming from the fact that I cannot see a logical data selection within the ‘Data source’ of the ‘GROUP’.

Can anyone advise as it’s sending me around the bend? :exploding_head:

PS The reason I want to use a GROUP within a REPEATING GROUP is so I can place additional ‘TEXT’ elements side-by-side and play with their positioning etc.

Hi there, @stephen14… do you get a valid expression if you set the data source of the group to Current cell's GEOCODE (Forward)'s data?


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Hi @mikeloc. Thanks. I’m sure I’d tried this (I’ve been on it for about an hour!) but it kept showing the statement as red, but when I’ve tried it again as you’ve suggested its worked.

Thanks again.


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ps @mikeloc, I’ve just posted Insert Dynamic Data - append/include other data types? just to see if I could get away without using a Group by pulling in more data into the same Text box. Do you know if this is possible?

I just replied to that post. :slight_smile:

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