Dropdown list value

Hello everyone

I’m trying to build an app for vehicles.

I have a situation in which I need the value of the Dropdown list to display a list in a second Dropdown.

First dropdown: It’s a list of Car Makers…
Second dropdown: It’s a list of Car Models…

I want to display in the second dropdown a list of models of the selected car maker in the first dropdown.

I have seen around that anyone can do that… in my Bubble, it looks like everything is frozen and unselected. Even in repeating groups, I can’t select the value of the dropdown.

Dropdown Marka its frozen. It’s what I need.
Make (deleted) it’s in the database… full of Car Brands. I deleted entire datatypes and recreated them with the same names. Now it shows deleted.

Does anyone have any idea what to do?

Thanks in advance guys

If you have deleted the Data Type that the original Search for DT-Vehicle Models was pointing to then just clear that expression and type it in again to point to the newly created Data Type. As for the frozen dropdown, is one of the dropdowns in a repeating group while the other one is not? Because then you would not be able to select it. Also, it may be better for Makes and Models to be Option Sets and just be sure to give the option set for Model a field called Make where each Model has a Make. Then the Data Type would just be one vehicle that has a field for the Make and a field for the Model that points to the corresponding Option Set. That would make it much easier for you to connect the dropdowns.

William… Thank you for your reply.

The data type has been deleted several hours ago and still points as deleted.
The Vehicle Makes data type contains 220 Brands and the Vehicle Model data type contains over 2000 models. I can’t use Option Set for this situation.

None of the dropdowns is in repeating groups. I was saying that even if I use repeating groups still i can’t select the dropdown value.

Thanks again.

It does not matter how long ago it was deleted. You have to manually change the source to the newly created Thing.

I agree that option set won’t work for your case. Do you want to share a link to your editor?

I was saying that I’m using (creating) a dropdown for one hour and I have deleted the data type several hours. It means that it’s pointing to the new data source.


You can go to Setting → General → Define Who can see and modify the app. There at least select Everyone Can View for now but if you would like for me to attempt to correct the issue then select Everyone can edit. Then copy and paste the URL in a direct message to me. Once we finish then you can put your settings back to private.

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