Dynamic Dropdown Database Question

Hello everyone! Below is something I need help with please.

I am creating a set of dropdowns that are dynamic to one another. This is made to offer selections of a vehicle make and vehicle model. The vehicle make and model pulls from the database.

The issue is, I have each individual vehicle as its own ‘line’ in the database with a model and make. In the dropdown, it is showing each vehicles database model input multiple times. See below:

As you can see, there are multiple ‘Ubermachts’ for example in the dropdown. Below is my database, showing the multiple ‘Ubermachts’ entries:


What I’m wanting is ‘Ubermacht’ and other makes like it to appear in the dropdown only ONCE even if their are multiple database entries with the make ‘Ubermacht’, for example. Then the dropdown beside it shows models that only are of the make, ‘Ubermacht’. I have this working.

Any advice on how I can get the make dropdown to show the make once even if it’s in the database more than once?

Disclosure: I’m very new to Bubble. Thanks!

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First issue to cover: is your Make its own datatype, or is it just a text field. If the latter, fix that now.

But even so, what happens is the same as with multidropdowns - here’s a description of how/why the dupes happen and how you fix it (using :unique items):

Thank you for looking at this.

I had the ‘Make’ as a text field, I have now created an independent data type that is ‘Make’ and then in the ‘Vehicles’ data type, linked the ‘Vehicle Make’ to this new ‘Make’ data type.

Here, you can see how I have this drop down currently set with unique items. I am still getting duplicate of the vehicle make. Any ideas on my issues? Thank you.

The goal is for there to be say, multiple ford vehicle models in a data set, but only one ‘Ford’ in the make drop down, and then corresponding ford models in the ‘models’ dropdown beside.


Looks like @keith’s post got you where you need to be… that post is pretty darn awesome, eh?

If I understand your setup correctly, @lynx.hub.pro, I believe the source for the first dropdown needs to be Search for SADMV Vehicless Vehicle Make:unique elements… so just a slight tweak to what you have now.


Yes, I appreciate his help in switching the data fields. Unfortunately however when I try the ‘Search for SADMV Vehicless Vehicle Make:unique elements’ I’m getting an error where it’s trying to switch the type of choices to ‘text’ instead of ‘SADMV Vehicless.’

I feel like if I understood :unique elements better in this context I could solve this, but I’m still a little lost?

Update of my settings, still not working fully. Any clue on the final selection I’m missing? :slight_smile:

You’re not trying to select a vehicle here, you are trying to select a Make.

(That is, the source for this dropdown is Search for vehicles MAKES:unique_items)

:point_up: This is all of the Makes that are attached to any Vehicle.

Thanks for the clarification. Here is an update and It’s trying to tell me to switch the type of choice to vehicle make? Here is my current selection & data situation.


Well, at least I know I’m not crazy… when I responded the first time, I was thinking, “Why isn’t the source for the first dropdown just Search for Vehicle Makes:unique elements?” Alas, I talked myself out of that because I think I misread Keith’s other post, and I thought it was ideal to do both searches off of the SADMV Vehicles table.

Oh, well… enlightened by Keith again… thanks, man!


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I want to thank @keith and @mikeloc for your help! I was able to implement the solution to my problem. It’s encouraging the help I received so fast from the community. I hope to keep learning, thanks guys!