Dropdown menu blank options selected?

Hi guys! Does anyone knows why this dropdown gets the options as blank?
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This is an update, on a database table called Reservations, updating 1 reservation thing per page.

On loading this page, all text+date inputs load fine. But the dropdown menu’s seem to load on the correct option, but all the options in the dropdown are blank when the user needs to change it. Does anyone knows why that is happening? Is there a way to have the choices source as other database table’s?
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*The dropdown menu options are other database table (source in the case above), which are called on the Reservations db table.

Presumably, either the current options’ sources names are blank, or perhaps there are some privacy rules preventing them being displayed.

So check both of those things first.

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…and the ‘Source’ field on the Reservations table are also filled correctly?

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