Drop Down Selector has blank first option


I have in my database a data type of Languages. I have populated the database with a field of Language Name.

I have a drop down menu for a user to select a language choice.

When a user is on the page, the first choice is empty and able to be selected.

How do I make it so the first choice is not blank, but instead the first language available? Or how do I make it so the blank space is not able to be selected?

I want to make sure that this selection is not ever blank and afraid a user may make this mistake easily if the blank choice in the drop down is present.



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same question. Would be interested too.

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Hi @oz1, @boston85719,
Check the box, “This input should not be empty” in the Dropdown element properties.

Without checking this box you’re saying the value can be empty. That’s why you see the first blank option as part of the choices


Awesome. Thanks for the help.

Great. Thanks for the help.

Thanks heaps!

Thanks for help, but in my case, I have a filtered options and if I use this “not empty” option, will be impossible to go back to have all the options, how I can assign a default value?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @daniel_zamora27 welcome to the community!


Ahh that was just perfect, thanks a lot.

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