Dropdown menu not showing items

I’m using a dynamic drop-down to display a list of choices. It works just ine in preview, but when i publish my app and try to use the drop-down on my phone, it turns out empty. I do have an “option caption” set, since otherwise it wouldn’t work in preview mode. I also have set all my data types except user to “Publicly visible”.

The page I am trying to create would not require users to log in, but still be able to search some of the data in the database. Does “publicly visible” in fact mean “visible to all users who are logged in”?

Hi there, @magnus.backlund… is the data that is supposed to appear in the dropdown in the live database? You know the development and live databases are separate, right? Deploying your app to live doesn’t copy data from the development database into the live database… that’s a separate action you need to take.


Nope, didn’t know that, but it makes sense. Now it works. Thanks a million!!!

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