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Dropdown Works in Preview but Not After Deployment

Hi everyone,
I am new and loving this. Too many ideas to build. I have a simple app that I’m having some trouble with. The link is below. I have several dropdowns that filter the results and populates a text field. It works great when I preview it but is empty when I go to the website after deployment. What am I doing wrong? How do I share the development side so you can look at my settings? Click on the big blue button at the index page. It’ll take you to the problem page.

My app

I think you can look at my development dashboard here.

Have you copied the database from development to production? If those fields are based on data from your dev environment, the production environment won’t have any data to pull from if you don’t add the data there.


Your app has two versions: development and production (test and live). They each have their own databases. So while you build your app, any data you generate in “preview” is going to your development database. When you deploy, you only push the structure to live (workflows, layouts, data structure), not data.

You can view your different databases by switching to live in the upper right menu that says “development”. You can also copy databases in either direction in the App Data tab. Hope this helps!

Edit: yes, what @potentialthings said :slight_smile:

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Perfect! I new it was something simple. Thanks @romanmg and @potentialthings