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Dynamic lists - not working


I have a range of dynamic lists within my application. They all work brilliantly in preview mode. I have just published to my website for the first time. Surprised how fast it is and its all hanging together - one exception. None of my Dynamic lists are showing the options I had expected - there is nothing in the list?

I generate the lists based on filtering a Type to display certain options.




Have you got the relevant data in your live database? :slight_smile:

Oh wow! ha ha - Who would have thought it would be so simple (stupid). I did notice production was blank, but didn’t put two and two together for the Types/tables I have powering parts of it.

Is there an easy fast way to copy a type/table from dev. to live?


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Haha. I’m always stumbling on privacy rules.

Thanks for the assist - I’ve figured out how you can copy specific tables into the live database using the backup restore function.



In your data tab under App Data you’ll see the option in red, top right next to ‘switch to live database’


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