Static dropdown not displaying correct data

Hi the Bubble Forum.

I have not been on here for a while now. But got the mojo back recently!
I have come across an issue for me that is driving me mad and I am sure is stupid simple.

I have a static dropdown with 2 options: “paid / not paid” and a default value: “not paid”.
So far so good.

However, when i set the dropdown to “paid” and save it and refresh the page, i can see the value in the database being set to “paid” but the dropdown is back on “not paid”…

I cannot see what i am doing wrong.
Any help would be much appreciated.


If the default value is ‘Not Paid’ then that’s what it will show when the page is loaded.

Actually, i found the way:
Set the default value in the database.
Set the default value in the dropdown to the database value!

Silly me!

Sorry if i have bothered any of you!

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