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Dropdown on mobile

Hi All -

When I view a dropdown on my iphone, it doesn’t show the little arrows to the right. Without these, it’s hard to tell that the user needs to select an option. Am I missing something?

Here are my settings:

Thanks for any help.

Every browser renders dropdowns differently. It’s built in to the browser itself. If you want more control over the display, I think Zeroqode built a plugin.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This plugin of Zeroqudo :Live demo is working the same as the standard iPhone scroll wheel

I want to act the dropdown exactly like in Android (even for me as Apple lover…)
A flat “popup” with all choices “flat” and selectable

Is that possible too?

It doesn’t show the drop down arrow when there isn’t a background colour set, but with a background colour set it renders the standard drop down design on safari.

You can put an icon beneath the drop down to imitate it, just not sure how that renders on other browsers.


I am also facing the same drop down issue and zeroqode plugin is also not working? I am missing something? Can anyone help me to figure this out?

I know this post was from 2 years ago but I figured out how to make dropdowns friendly in Mobile. I added a “Condition” for when the screen width is “less than 600px” make the font smaller. It showed the arrows after that. Just fyi