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Dropdowns not working on Android

Hello there,
Noticed a couple of days ago that dropdowns are not working at all on Android 5.1.1 running app on Chrome. Any suggestions? Works on fine on iPhone and Chrome and Firefox on PC.

Can you share a link to your app? Ours doesn’t have any problems on Android. Is this happening on multiple devices for you?

Sorry, changed the elements to regular inputs… couldn’t risk the dropdowns getting stuck like that when meeting customers.

We’re having the same issue. Dropdown fields in the Mobile version of our app displays properly on iPhones but do not display dropdown options when viewed on android phone (Chrome, Android 6.0.1). Anyone else have this issue? Any suggested solution?

I’m having the same problem. I tested in differents versions of android and browser.

Same here. I don’t see any updates on this and I can’t seem to fix it. Any updates?

I discovered that this issue happens only when we are using the option “Mobile” in Page> Present page width. If you change the configuration the page the things will work well in Android.