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Hi !

I have two related questions:

I’d like my app to display a RG where the number of cells is related to a dropdown number changed right above by the user. It sounds very easy, I don’t know why I can’t do it… 😕

Then, in this RG, in each cell I have to elements:

Items and quantity (dropdown).

I’d like to save in DB each data that way:

Data 1: Item1+Quantity1

Data2: Item2+Quantity2…

Number of data=number of cells in the RG=value of the dropdown changed by the user.

I tried to store the dropdown value in a state, but don’t know what type of value set up (number?) => And then how tell the RG to show X cells if the dropdown value is X.

If someone has a clue 🙂

Thx a lot !

Are you trying to allow a user to choose a number from the dropdown which will then cause a repeating group to display that same number of cells? If so, you’ll need to setup the RG to use full list and then operators of items until and use the dynamic expression for the items until to be equal to the dropdowns value.

pb solve thx :wink:

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