Open specific number of repeating group cells

hi everyone, my problem is that I need to choose a specific number that opens the same number of cells in a repeating group.
for example, if I choose the number 4, then 4 repeating-group-cells would open
how can i do it?

I assume this didn’t help?

actually no, if you might have another way to solve my problem i’d be thankful

Sorry to hear that suggestion didn’t meet your needs. If you can provide clarification about exactly what you are trying to accomplish, I’m sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.


It’s not entirely clear what your question is, or what the issue you’re having is here, so perhaps you can clarify in order to get a better answer…

If you’re asking (as you appear to be) how to display a specific number of items in a repeating group based on a selected number from a dropdown menu, then @mikeloc has already given you the answer to that (using :items until#).

If your question is more about changing the formatting of RGs based on the number of items in it, such as changing the cell width depending on the number of items, or the position of the RG on the page depending on the number of items etc. then the simplest and most ‘Bubble’ way to do it will be using multiple RGs and conditionals to display a certain one depending on the dropdown selection. Otherwise you might need to look at custom CSS or JS solutions.

As I said, if you can give some more clarification on the specific problem/issue then I’m sure someone can give more specific help.

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ill try to make it clear
i have a dropdown with numbers (1,2,3,4 and
5) that says choose an amount of product that you want buy. then you have to choose a number and after that , according to the number that youve picked, the exact number of cells of choose the desire products would open.
it doesnt Necessarily gotta be with a repeating group, thats only a solution that came up on my mind.
hope I clarified myself successfully

for example, if someone wanna buy 3 products, then 3 cells of ‘choose the desire product’ would be shown to the customer

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