How can I change an input's value based on a RG selection - API

I’m trying to create a dropdown using a RG that is connected to an API.

My database is huge and it’s not functional to use the current dropdown element\

Any ideas?

You’re pretty much explaining what you want to do. I’m not too sure what your blocker is. Connecting to the API? Creating the repeating group? Etc.?

Anytime I go this route, I start with 2 sections.

The single-line input box and the results group that contains the RG. It’s hidden until the input box is being typed in.

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Basically what I need it’s a work flow or a condition that allows me to update a single line input that is outside a RG with a data of an input that is inside a RG

1-.User types in single line input
2-. the RG gets displayed and pulls up different options
3-.user clicks in one of those single line options inside the RG
4-. the input from step 1 which it’s outside the RG gets updated with the same value of the input that was inside the RG

Thanks for elaborating. Again, I think you have a clear idea of what to do.

  1. Put a singleline input on the page. Disable it. You could also just make this a text instead. It’s up to you. Put it inside of a group.
  2. Make sure this group clickable. Add a state to this group. It’ll be a yes/no data type. Maybe title it “show dropdown options” or something like that.
  3. Add a workflow for this group. When clicked, change “show dropdown options”.
  4. Add a repeating group with your options. This data source could be whatever you want.
  5. Add a condition to this repeating group. When the first group’s “show dropdown options” is yes, make this repeating group visible.
  6. etc…

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