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I have a page where the user can edit a profile page. When the user clicks a link to go to the edit profile page, data is pre-populated for the associate they are looking to edit. Then the user can choose what they want to edit and not lose any previously entered information.

I have a status dropdown box that I am able to get pre-populated with the associate’s employment status. However, the dropdown shows ALL statuses listed in the database. I want just the five choices available to choose from the option set. However, doing anything with the option set makes it so that the initial value doesn’t display. How can I just return the unique values from the database?

I am still in learning stage so my thoughts may not be the best option. I am just trying to return what I’ve received here, and especially you have no replies yet. I know the feeling^^.

I try to use option sets as much as possible as it’s really easy and convenient. Create an option set and create 5 options. Simple and easy.

Hi @yj.johnrhee could you share a screenshot of how the dropdown “choices source” is set up?

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Try use unique elements


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@yj.johnrhee @bryan.beneker exactly this, If it doesn’t work, then change the type of choices to “Text” and then use “All Languages Display:unique elements”. assuming “Display” is a text.

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I’m sorry for the delay in responding. At the end of the day I figured out the code was breaking because I could put in the same statements and get different results on screen. It was bizarre and I just needed a break from it all.

I came back in this morning and re-created the form, constraints, and everything has started working right again. Thank you everyone for responding!

I like option sets, but they have a wonky relationship with workflows and settings. I couldn’t actually use the option set to do this because I had to utilize the default value field to pre-populate the dropdown. If I used an option set for doing the options, Bubble wouldn’t allow me to pull a value from the database in the default value box (kept showing in red). Below was my solution using the unique elements argument.


Again, thank you all for the help!

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