Unique Dropdown Values

Please I need help. I’m looking for answer on this forum for several hours, but anyhing works ;-(

Here is my data type : “DB_Eleves”


And my application data :

I want in a dropdown to display unique values of “classe” 's field, which is text type. Here is what I have :

Unfortunetly, I would like to set source with “Search For DB_Elevess:unique element” and Option with “Current option’s classe” but I can’t find.

Thank a lot in advance for your invaluable help.

As the choices type is set to Text, you need to set the data source to be a list of texts (not a list of DB_Elevess)…

So, in your data source do a search for DB_Elevess, then click ‘More’ and select :each item’s Classe :unique elements

Oh I got it !!!
Thank you so much for your prompt answer to my neewbie and silly question.

You make me save precious time.
Thanks, thanks, thanks…


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You should mark @adamhholmes 's response as a solution :joy::innocent:

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I did it !

Is there something else to do for this ? Sorry it’s the first time I do a post…

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