Need to create a dropdown that displays unique items based on a single field, not the whole record

I have a Data Type of Products called TblProducts.
In it, there’s a Product Name field called TblProductName.
I have a PopUp where I want users to be able to select a single Product from the TblProductName field so I only want them to be able to see one of each Product Name.
Where I’m running into problems is that when I do a search using “Unique Elements”, Bubble compares entire records rather than the contents of just one field so because I have fields for various attributes of each Product in my TblProducts such as “Product Size” (S, M or L) it means that I have a product name in the Dropdown being repeated for each of the three different size and I only want one.
Is there a way to achieve only seeing one entry?
Option Sets won’t work because I want the Users to be able to add Products to their product lists.
If anyone can help, I’d be very grateful.

Your issue is that you are targetting a type of data thing (so unique element is the unique id). If you switch to type “text”, and select the field before doing the :unique item (like product size:unique item) it will return you a unique element for each text.

But Ideally, your attribute should be an option set or another DB thing instead

Many thanks for this. Sounds like a change to my design is needed. Is there a workflow option that will enable a user to add an item to an Option Set? My understanding is that a separate data type can effect performance but I’ll go that route if the Option Set isn’t an available route for me.
Thanks again