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Dropdown values as Numbers

Hi, what is the best way to set up Dropdowns to provide values as Numbers?


When the static or dynamic values you set are numbers only, the value will be a number type.

So values like:
13 years old
14 years old
15 years old
… etc.

Those are text values. But:


static or dynamic, will be number. Does this answer you question?

Hi Gaby, yes, that makes sense, however how about the currency use case?


That’s seem to produce text values, which then can’t be calculated. Is there a clean work around?

Thanks again!

You could create a thing that holds the number and the display formatted number, and use that in a dynamic dropdown ?

You could also have them select a value, say “15 years old” and then have that update an input that’s 1px by 1px (i.e., not visible to user) with the number “15” and then store the value from the small input in the database on save.

Better idea = do the same but with a custom state.

Thakns @NigelG and @sridharan.s - both of these are nice approaches. In my specific use case, I created a Thing, as there is a nice UI in Bubble to manage these entries. Thanks again!