Dropdown with Options - Initial Values

Hi there,
I’m currently stuck with a Dropdown field.

I’ve got a set of instances of a data type, which has a field tax.
When creating an instance of this data type, I let the user choose between values (dropdown) with its values are dynamically from an option set.

This option set is structured like this:

  • Display: “19%”
  • number: 0.19

Within the dropdown, i show Display, but when I save an instance of my data piece, i take the value from field “number” since i need to calculate stuff with it.

When editing the data instance, i let the initial value be the previous saved value.
What do i do with the dropdown? My saved value is like “0.19”, but the dropdown’s option are within the option set, which are not 0.19…

I thought about switching the option set structure so that “Display” is actually 0.19 BUT then 0.19 is saved as text and not as a number… and i need it saved as a number…

Hope its understandable:))

You can display this as a Default Value: tax*100%

0.19*100 = 19 with % = 19%

:wink: should work.

Or try use text formated as number when calculate value.

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