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I want to display only items 1 to 10 in repeating grup

I want to display only items 1 to 10 in repeating grup, and when I press the number below it, the items according to the number are displayed. What should I do? Press 2 to display 11 to 20 items, press 3 to display 21 to 30, etc.

It is not preferable to use “fixed number of cells” because it will leave a blank space. (Google Translate)

This may be helpful for you!

You can also use listshifter, it’s pretty dope!

I saw this before this question, but I couldn’t fully understand it, so I’d like a little more detailed explanation. (Google Translate)

Hi @Hiromu , you created set of buttons for which you want to change data source of repeating group to list of 1-10, 11-20, etc items?
I recommend to have hidden popup variable (say maxItemDisplay) that stores reference to max items number (by default set it’s value to 10). When you press 1 set it’s value to 10, press 2 set it’s value to 20, press 3 set it’s value to 30,etc.
And on repeating group, add constraint on search to show Items no <= maxItemDisplay and Items no > maxItemDisplay - 10

I’m having trouble displaying 1-10. How can I do this with a full list? The data source is “searh for posts: items from # 1: items until # 10”. This is probably wrong. …

:items Until will give you the total number of items to show.

:items from will give an indication of which item to start from.

So :items from 150 :items until 10 will show items 150-160

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