Dropdown with “Add Item” option for data fields

Hi all!
I’d like to display a dropdown that shows a dynamic list of values (data fields) and enables users to click “+ Add item” which would open a popup to enable users to fill in a separate form to add another option to the dynamic list. I’m dealing with data fields Branch to a data type Company.
Is there a way to do this with a dropdown menu?
Searching the forum, older results display broken links to the solution, and recent ones only deal with a specific data type on the dropdown, but I need to display and add, if necessary, data fields.

@avintobr from my point of view, you have 2 ways of accomplishing that (at least without code or external things).

  1. If you need to use Bubble’s native dropdown, you will need to include in your database a new entry with the “+ add item”.

  2. “Mimic” the dropdown behavior with a input + focus group. And inside the focus group you include one group to be the “+ Add Item” and, bellow it, the repeating group showing the data from the table.

In my opinion, the 1st solution is easier, but some developers might find it ugly :sweat_smile:

Also, found this thread with some answers:


Oh, I see. First solution for my alpha and beta stages are great, and then I’m probably gonna implement more a sophisticated solution later on, thank you for your help, @lucas.bastos!

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