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Help setting up dynamic data in drop down menu


Newbie here. I have the following setup.

Users > Groups > Events. Groups and Events are associated with Users. I’ve created lists for both in the User Data Type. These lists update on creation of a new Group or Event nicely. So, I want to allow a user to select from a list of existing groups when the create a new event. This would work as a pull down menu on the Create New Event Page. Logged in user sees only groups they created and must pick one.

I’m sure this is simple but I’m not getting it.

  1. Created New Input field - Group Selector
  2. Selected Dynamic Choices for Choices System.
    3 Type of Choices - User
  3. But then I get lost. I would think I would want to select Choices Source - current user name of my list of groups. But this does not work.

Any help appreciated.


Debbie Lefkowitz

Hi Debbie, welcome!

So if I’m following correctly, I think you want to do the following:

Add a dropdown element and select dynamic choices. Type of Choices should be Group because that is ultimately what this list of things is of. The source of those choices should be “Current Users’s Groups” and the option caption can be the group name. See if that helps!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

So, I save each new group assigned to a specific user to a single list - List of Groups in the User DB. So every time a user adds a group, the name is added to the list. Simple. But this is causing me trouble now.

So I follow your instructions. Used a Dropdown List with Dynamic Choices. Select Group as type of Choice but then if I select Current User’s Groups List as the source the text is red. Bubble does not seem to be able to present a list of items as a list in dropdown. Or at least not using this approach.


Oh, because the list is a list of texts. You said you add the name, right? Meaning, you’re adding the value of the name field of the Group to that User list - not the Group record itself.

Try changing the type to Text and the same source: User’s Group List. Caption would just be current option.

Thanks for the help, it worked!

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