Dropdowns stopped working

Out of no where dropdowns have stopped working correctly in my app. After choosing a value, the value disappears and the element becomes un-clickable. You have to refresh several times before the proper function comes back. It seems like the issue is mainly with dropdowns with dynamic placeholder text. Im assuming its related to the update this past Friday. Anyone else have any insight? this is causing a major problem.

I’m going to do something I wouldn’t normally do and ping a Bubble developer directly here because he said to let him know if anyone had any further issues related to dropdowns. So, @marca, just a heads up about this thread.

The above being said, you should definitely submit a bug report if you haven’t already, @brian.good500.


@Tdot after seeing this you may want to actually submit a bug report as well from your comments in the TopCal thread, as this may be a Bubble issue so the more info they have on it the better

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Thanks Geoff, I submitted the bug report and hopefully hear back from Bubble. This was my issue - for some reason my Choice source is not coming through when I inspect my Dropdowns. My choices sources are pointed to the right spots (All Times: filtered:sorted by Time as minutes) and I have my option sets setup correctly with all the 15 time intervals. This is happening to all the dropdowns.

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