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Dropdown issue within Pop-ups

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue right now with a dropdown element and I can’t seem to figure out the issue. It’s contained in a popup window when the user clicks “new topic”, any selection doesn’t seem to show up. I have tried making different changes but can’t seem to get it to work properly.

Here’s a link to my editor:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Are you having this issue across all platforms?

This is my first time testing it so no, I haven’t gotten to that point yet. I’m on Chrome, but it’s weird because I have another dropdown that works and all the options are static as well.

The reason I asked if you had tested across platforms is because I am having a problem with dropdown fields displaying content when viewed on android devices and was curious as to whether you where having same problem.

I wouldn’t doubt that I’m having the same issue. It doesn’t work on Chrome on a PC currently. I will test it on my phone and let you know how it works.

Yeah, it’s not even letting me select it on mobile.

I submitted a support ticket. I’ll let you know what feedback I get.

Any feedback on the ticket? I found that the issue is only when the dropdown is contained within a popup, outside the popup it works.

I’m having the same problem with the dropdown in Android platform. It’s not working in Chrome and not working properly in Firefox.

I have reported the bug, I’ll keep you guys updated.

No feed back from bug report submitted a earlier this week. Submitted email follow up. Got an email asking me to submit a bug report…

I submitted a bug report, hopefully they can get around to it soon.

Have you heard anything back from Bubble support regarding this issue? I haven’t.

I have not heard anything back yet. I ended up not using a popup and just created a group above the forums to create a new post.

I just heard back from them, I provided them a situation in which it happens. Hopefully it will help them solve the issue.

Update: They have seen the issue and will push a fix soon.


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Any word on status of the dropdown field display issue?

Yes, it was actually fixed the day they realized the issue. Has it worked for you?

Hadn’t revisited the issue. Will try it now. If it works, great news because we are about to go live with MVP. Thanks for update.