Dropping Support for Internet Explorer

Hello everyone,

On June 15, 2022, Microsoft officially ended support for their Internet Explorer (IE) web browser in favor of Edge to support newer web technologies. Over the past two years, Bubble has also dropped support for IE and introduced features like our new responsive engine based on newer, IE-incompatible web technologies.

From now on, Bubble apps will no longer load for users accessing from IE, and the Bubble editor will not be compatible with the IE browser. At this point, IE11 represents less than 1% of global web traffic — even less for most Bubble apps, according to our data — so you should see very little impact to your app’s live traffic, if any. This is in line with our official browser support policy, which we updated two years ago. While we have still technically supported IE11 since then, many of our newer features (especially with the new responsive engine) are broken on that browser. Because of this, we are now disabling our infrastructure kept in place to support it, meaning loading a bubble page in Internet Explorer will no longer work (whereas before it would slightly work but be very buggy).

Moving away from IE will allow us to keep improving both the power and performance of Bubble apps in edit and runmode. Plus, once we deprecate support for IE, we can clean up these parts of our codebase that were responsible for awkward backward compatibility.

Here are a few things to keep in mind moving forward:

  • Avoid visiting the Bubble Editor from an IE browser, as it may not behave as expected.
  • Users visiting your application from an IE browser will receive a warning that their browser is no longer supported.
  • Bubble will continue investing in our new front-end architecture that has already delivered significant improvements in performance (Design canvas architecture, Bubble Version 21)

I remember seeing an email about this from Nick a few weeks ago – thanks for cross posting this on the forum @cal!

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