Formatting on internet explorer

Hi, anyone else having issues with formatting on Internet explorer? Chrome works fine.

Considering Microsoft is set to have Internet Explorer end of life in June of this year, I’d say it doesn’t matter much.

It’s also typically not a supported browser by most companies, including Bubble.

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I’m glad someone else said this, besides me. Though, TBH, I think Bubble might have originally had IE as a target browser (and it’s not clear to me that they’ve formally removed that). However, if IE is in one’s target browser list note that a whole lot of plugins won’t work and a whole lot of quick fixes one might deploy for certain things won’t work and… well, there’s no point in trying to support IE. If you’re testing against IE, you’re just… wasting your time, basically.

(And if your own requirements require you to support IE, you’re building on the wrong platform and also… why? Just why? Just no. Just no.)

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Bubble supports Edge, which imo is still a shit browser from Microsoft even with their rebuild using chromium, but I digress lol.

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Edge is interesting. Some of the array-oriented features of JavaScript (ECMA-script, really) evaluate faster in that browser than anywhere else. :man_shrugging:And thanks for the link to officially-supported browsers! (Safari - in particular Mobile Safari - is really a pill, as Apple continues to try to enforce their walled garden. For those new to web development, Apple continues to refuse to support certain essential browser APIs, simply to maintain the relevance of the Apple App Store. Whaddyagonnado? If Mobile Safari supported web workers, for example, any old web app could have notification features just like an App Store app. But Apple continues to not allow this. “Welcome to web development, Bubbler!”)


I use Chrome, Firefix and Edge for different purposes and logins. From a user perspective Edge has worked well and it has some nice features.

One of the companies that uses my app uses IE as default browser. Luckily Chrome is an alternative. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I was messing up. Glad to hear IE is being discontinued.