Elements Not Showing in Internet Explorer

Hey all. I have a user who is complaining that a specific element is not showing up in internet explorer. I’m getting into the details with him but is this a known bug? I don’t know how to begin to adjust bubble to work better with different browsers.


First, try the easy fix - i.e. suggest that they use a “modern” browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, if possible. If that’s simply not an option for them, find out which version of IE they are using and then find out what the Bubble requirements are for deployed apps. I honestly don’t know if Bubble claims to support IE, but if they do, support is likely limited to a recent version of IE.


Agreed with @sudsy. I provide a list of browsers ‘supported’ on my app for end users - IE not being one of them. IE will be retired soon. Well, Microsoft’s plan is to encapsulate IE into their new browser coming out that will be built on the Chromium project.

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