💬 Duo Chat Lite - New Template from Zeroqode

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Duo Chat Lite is a no-code messaging template, a lite version of Duo Chat Template. You can use it solo or as a part of a bigger web application.

Besides the text, emojis, images and files can be exchanged in a chat.

Each message can be replied to, edited, or deleted.

This block is made using the new Bubble responsive engine - it will work and look nice on both the desktop and mob browsers.


  • Signup/Login

  • Pinned chats

  • Files & Images, gifs, emojis exchange in messages

  • Search within the chat

  • Themes

  • Messages are marked as read

  • Responsive design (new responsive)

NOTE: For proper functioning, before copying the block to your application, please be sure to create all relevant data types within your application database, and add required plugins.

For reference, use the purchased block’s default template editor (Data → Data Types)
and Plugins tab.

Live demo: https://duo-chat-lite.bubbleapps.io/


Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode
#1 Bubble Publisher and Developer


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Awesome template, Levon!! Looks and functions beautifully on mobile, which I love.

Thank you Sam! :pray: More on the way :slight_smile:

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Are you willing by any chance to release the emojis you used as a plugin?!

Yes, we are planning to do that soon! :slight_smile:

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