Finally a responsive messaging / chat template that works 🚀

I just launched Responsive Messaging 2.0 - a fully responsive messaging / chat template built on the new responsive engine.

  • easily integrated into any Bubble application (detailed instruction video:
  • comes with a state of the art ‘slide up messaging’ group that lets you add messaging functionality to any of your app’s pages
  • clean and minimal design with consistently applied styling
  • fully responsive for desktop and mobile without the use of floating groups
  • various useful features like pin messages to mark messages as read or unread
  • advanced search through users and messages
  • send images and files
  • does not use any 3rd party plugins


This is super cool. Is there a way to write multi line with it? I am putting together something to be a channel manager of sorts for vacation rentals with a central inbox and this could be super nice for that!

not yet, but sounds interesting. will update it now. also i will post a video on how to best integrate it in an existing project later today (super easy, but needs to be done in the right way…)

Sounds awesome. I bought it but documentation and the multi line would be super sweet!

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ok multiline is done :slight_smile:


25-minute turnaround time… now that’s customer service!


Awesome. Works nice!

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Ok, so here wo go with the instruction video:

  • How to integrate the chat in any existing Bubble app in just a few minutes
  • How to change the layout to use the full screen height

@stuart2 is that enough for you or do you need something more specific?

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Works fine for me. Putting something together with it now :-).

Awesome! Would be great if u could share how it went:)

Can you explain the changes required when installing on a page that has other content so the page Type of Content is set to User rather than Conversation.

Can I have Group Chat to be Type of Content - Conversation and Data Source - Search for Conversations:first item. This obviously has flow on effects with the workflows.

I am only a few weeks into learning bubble so want to see if I am on the right track before I make all the changes.


hi @paul32. What do you want to add to the site? the main chat ‘window’ or the smaller slider ?

Hi - just the main Chat window - not going to use the slider at this stage.

ok got it. I think your strategy makes sense. you can just adjust the data source in group chat to be empty and then and then adjust the workflows related to creating and opening new conversations from ‘go to page index’ to 'display data in group chat’.

Hi - Thanks - yes that makes sense. Have done that. Don’t think I would have figured that out without your help.

Another thing - On you product description page it say ’ send images and files’. The image upload seems to be for images only. If I want to send documents do I replicate the image button, create new data type and adjust workflow accordingly…or have I missed something?

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U can just select a file instead of an image. Maybe exchange the image icon with something like a file icon to make it clearer for the user

Hey! Thank you for the useful template.
I managed to implement it for direct messages but would love to get some support on two topics -

  1. Did any manage to use it for a group chat? could you explain how?

  2. Also - is there a way to exclude users from a chat? for example if I have 10 users (X1, X2…X10) and I want only X1, X2 and X3 to access a specific chat. Can I make it exclusive for them?

Thanks for the help!

hey @keepappinternal
on 1: this should be easily doable: ‘conversationParts parts’ is a list - you should be able to add more than one user to it. will need some minor adjustments to the frontend though
on 2: same, a user only sees the chats where they are a part of. i.e. the conversation’s conversationParts contains the user
hope this helps

Cool template! I just can’t change it to fit my base. It’s difficult for me (

Hi! This looks good. Any chance of implementing group chat? How much work is it?