Duplicate a list a of things after the user clicks a button

Hi, need to copy a list of things and paste this list into a data field of a different data type.

Basically, what I need is a “copy and paste list” option here:

I am building a recipes app and the amount of the ingredients will be adapted automatically to the user’s serving size.
So I have two data fields about the serving size: the “original serving size” and the “adapted serving size”.

Right now, my idea is to create a duplicate of the food/item each time that a user ask for a recipe, and just display the “adapted serving size”. Maybe there is a way to do this without duplicating the items every time.

Is there any similar that I could do?

The idea is to copy the identical items of the list but paste the as different items, so that I can modify them without modifying the original items.

Thanks, I tried but I think this might not work for my case. Let me explain:

Basically I am building a diet plan that has days, day sections, foods and ingredients. Each of this is a data type and they are all linked. So a day has sections, sections have foods and foods have ingredients.

All foods and ingredients have their “original serving size” (this is a data field). My goal is to adapt (change) the serving sizes to each user, according to some info that the user inputs.

If I copy all the foods, they will still be linked to the original sections. If I copy all the ingredients they will still be linked to the original foods.

I need to find a way in which ingredients are linked automatically to the new duplicates of the foods, which will have the “adapted serving size”, not the “original serving size”.

Maybe there is a different simpler way to do this rather than copying everything?

Hey I was wondering, can you make this public? Thanks!