Duplicate groups

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I would like to know if it is possible to duplicate groups as many times as necessary just by pressing a button, and if possible, how is it done?

I need a little more information. Are you talking about the UI builder or having a user be able to duplicate something? If it’s the former, a simply copy-paste should do…

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No, what I need is that clicking on a button duplicates a part of the form, a section.

You can engulf the section of the form in a repeating group and make the data type of the repeating group a number and the data source just one and when the user clicks a button display a list in the repeating group which is the repeating group’s list:add item 1 and that should make the repeating group have more cells with each cell showing the same thing (whatever is in cell 1).

@foraanyas I’m facing the same problem, but couldn’t quite get the proposed solution to work. The repeating group just won’t accept the data source as being just a number.
Could you give some more details on this, please?
Thank you!

It needs to be a list of numbers, not just s single number.

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