Duplicate a group of inputs

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to use a button (“ajoute un objectif”) to duplicate the group that gather some inputs / text / button called “realisation group”. I’ve tried several solutions but I didn’t manage to succeed. Do you have recommendations or examples to help me please ? :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

Hi @styzavalentin :wave:

These groups are inside a repeating group or they were built separately?
The tip is put them inside a repeating group (they look the same to me) and add +1 element to this repeating group source.

Thanks a lot @rpetribu , it works !! I’m facing a new issue : the name of the objectives are not duplicated but each time I had an action linked to one objective, it is duplicated also for the others. I don’t find the error yet, do you have an idea ? :slight_smile:

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