Need help to duplicate a group

Hello everyone !

I have a group that contains severel elements, in those elements there is a plus icon.
What I wanted to do is when I click on this icon the group is supposed to duplicate.

Do u know how can we do that ? Thanks

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There’s a way to dynamically create elements but its a bit tricky.

I have a couple of apps that does this. This is how we usually do it:

You would need to use repeating groups, Toolbox for the list of numbers, and states.

Basically, the list of number’s length will be the state (number)

The Repeating group’s data source would be the list of number’s list. The type of content would be number.

Every time a button is clicked (plus icon in your case), you would set the state to its current value + 1 (as many as you want)

Now, the next problem is how you would be able to access or reference to the inputs inside the repeating group’s cell. Vanilla Bubble won’t let you do that. You would need to use plugins to access the cell’s data. For us, we’ve been using the orchestra plugin.

LMK if this helps. Would be happy to explain more if you’re having trouble.

Thank u !
I’m gonna try to do that.
When u say Toolbox, what does it mean, is that the plugin ?

Yes. Here’s the plugin link: Toolbox Plugin | Bubble

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You can use data extractor to help you at the end of what @safwane.mkhhh said :slight_smile:

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