Duplicate Records in DB

Hello all. I’m hoping there’s an easy answer to this. I recently made changes to the underlying DB structure of my app, then went ahead and promoted it. I’m noticing some odd behaviour since doing this though.

  1. In the “Data Types” tab within “Data”, I see all my DB tables, as expected, however when I go to the “App Data” tab, I’m seeing the DB tables but there are also duplicates with “(modified)” written beside them. Are these duplicate tables safe to delete? Just wondering why bubble does this.

  2. I notice that when using the live app, when I make changes to records, bubble is creating duplicates of the record, which show up in my repeating groups (see screenshot). However when I look at the underlying data, there in fact is only one single record. Seems like bubble is getting confused. Is it perhaps looking at both the regular table as well as these “(modified)” tables? Is this some kind of bug?


Any advice/guidance you can provide would help out.

Thanks all!


Hey Kev,

The tables that say “modified” are simply alternate views of your data. It’s like a saved viewing preference. Totally safe to delete - you’re just deleting the view, not the data. Whenever you use that pencil icon to manage which fields you want to see, you’re automatically creating a new modified view, which you can also re-name.

For example, if you want to only see Users created after a certain date, you can create a constraint on the view and label it “Users Created After XYZ Date”. Just think of it as a filter for yourself.

The displayed duplicates in your repeating group might be due to some other cause. Is this happening only in live? Have you tried restarting the browser - is it always there in live like that no matter what?

Thanks for clarifying the “modified” question. I’ve went ahead and cleaned up what I don’t need there.

The displayed duplicates show up even after I clear the browser history and do a complete refresh. It doesn’t happen with every record, but it’s happening occasionally when I add a net new record or make changes to an existing record. In the case of the screenshot provided, I had made changes to existing records. Regardless of browser or computer, these keep getting duplicated. It’s really weird.

I’d take a look at your workflows. Depending on how you have it set up, you might actually be accidentally creating duplicate records. Can you share a link to your editor so folks can look at it?

Upon further investigation, that’s sort of what was happening. Essentially an update to a child’s parent reference first needed to remove the previous/old parent reference. Because this wasn’t being done explicitly I was ending up with a child being related to two parents and therefor bubble showing two identical children in my repeating group. Now that I’ve added an extra step in my workflow to first remove the old parent/child relationship before creating the new one, the problem is fixed. Thanks to @andrewgassen and @romanmg for your help!

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