Duplicated app data issue

Hello everyone, need help with a duplicated database in my application.
I have a standard “All users” database for my users and I was using it but after a while, I got multiply entriesСнимок экрана 2020-07-15 в 12.20.58

No idea where did it came from and can I delete it or not.

Have you ever faced same issue? Can I delete it or should keep it?

Hello, this is a view filter for a fields. Will appear with a new name every time, once you place a check mark to show a new field in database.

Hi there, @djaxad… as oleksiy said, those are just different views of your All Users data type; you must have saved them at some point by adding different fields to the view or adding a constraint so you could see a certain set of data. It is perfectly safe to delete those views; deleting any/all of them has no effect on your All Users data type.



Thanks @mikeloc @oleksiy :+1:

You are very welcome!

@mikeloc Thanks for the info!

This seems to be happening every time a change is made. When users start using my app, these views will mulitply very quickly. Is this something that will just have to become part of my app maintanence (going in and deleting the extra views every once in a while)?


This is not linked to the app view and only related to the editor users, whoever have access to maintain the database. Are you using a collaborative option for your editor?

Hi there, @mauraduquette… yup, what oleksiy said… those views can only be created through the editor, and they have nothing to do with users using your app. So, either you or someone who has access to your editor are creating those views or you have stumbled upon some obscure bug that I have certainly never seen. If you are sure nobody who has access to your editor is creating those views, then you would want to file a bug report so the Bubble folks can take a look at it.


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Hey @oleksiy, no it’s just me editing - that makes perfect sense, thank you!

Thanks @mikeloc! There is no bug, I’m the only one creating these in the editor. I get it now :slight_smile:

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I was testing my app on a different browser. When i came back i saw muntiple user database created. Is it for the same reason?

Where is this checkmark so that I can switch it off? I don’t want to see a new datatype for modifications to my DB!

You misunderstood that statement, Darren. The bottom line is you can’t turn it off, and you aren’t seeing “a new datatype”. You are seeing a new view of an existing data type, and if you don’t want to see that view, simply delete it when you are done viewing it.


As @mikeloc says, these aren’t new datatypes, or new data, or anything to do with modifications of your database - they are just alternative ‘views’ that you’ve created of the data in the data tab.

Any time you set up a new way to view your data, a new ‘view’ will be stored. If, once you’re done with it you no longer need it, then just delete it.


@mikeloc @adamhholmes Thank you for confirming this.

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Hi. We just do not want for this new “modified data types history” to exist. They get just “infinite” and makes it very difficult to maintain the database. Is there a way for those “history tracking” NOT to be automatically created? Thanks

This question was already answered a few responses up, but no.