Concerning "Users" error

Hey all,

So, I think I’m experiencing an error with my “Users”. I want to report it because it’s concerning.

For some reason, I have a user that I can login with, but they’re not listed in the “All Users” portion of my app data. This is creating my app to not function properly in other areas.


It’s weird because if I search them it makes them come up, but it will then make a different user disappear. It’s only displaying 2 users at a time. …Strange

The “App Data” tab is pretty unreliable. All your data is there, but it’s really weird how it actually displays stuff. In my opinion, you’re better off building your own admin dashboard in Bubble, and looking for your data there.

Make sure you are looking at ‘All Users’ and not a modified view with constraints. Based on the primary fields you have set, searching for a unique value like email will only show that user. If you have a search term that should show multiple users and the field values for both users is identical (~ no extra spaces on one), please submit a bug report.

Also something that has tripped me up in the past is making sure I am on the correct Database (Live or Development), as they are separate.
So make sure you that if you are in the Live mode of the editor and looking at data, that you are comparing it to Logins on the Live site, and not /version-test

Great Idea. I’m on it boss…

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