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Duration of displaying data is so slow, what can I do?

Hi guys, I need an expert’s help here…
I somehow figured out my problem on another topic which I’ve posted the other day. However, the duration of displaying the data is unforgivably slow.

I’m getting the data using unique id of [Order Record] and this Order Record is also referencing another database type called [Order Details] and this also holds another database type called [Item ID] and there is an image I want to import and display on the page.

Its currently taking 10-15 sec to download the image on the page .

What am I doing wrong and whats my option here?

If you remove the image from the page does it solve the speed issue? If so, then you only need to focus on the image as the problem. And if it’s the image causing the issue, some potential issues are:

a) image size
b) something funky with how you have uploaded images
c) a data or search structure that needs to be fixed

BTW are you using a template you purchased, or did you build it yourself?

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Thanks for your help ed727, I have built this app myself.

Ok so, the texts directly on [Order Record] can be displayed much quicker, but when the reference gets deeper, e.g. [Order Record ] > [Order Details] > [Item ID], its significantly taking more time, and the image size seems not the issue as I’m compressing them and using the thumbs.

I have tried the same method but this time is directly referencing the unique id of [Item ID] and its much quicker now, but I need to use the unique id of [Order Record] in order to get the lists of ordered contents.

Any suggestions?

BTW, when I go to the App Data in the edit view on Bubble and try to display the items which contains images in the database also takes really long time to display the contents even if there is only few items. Does this happen to your App Data as well?

A few thoughts…

  • Nested searches take longer, but popping to 10-15 seconds sounds like a long time. Are all of your searches happening within the “Do a search for” box (which is server side = fast), or are you doing any filters or advanced filters (which is client side = slow).

  • I’m guessing your setup is… Customer places an order and you create [Order Record]. Details on that order are saved on [Order Details]. In [Order Record] you have a field linking to the relevant [Order Details] record. And in [Order Details] you have a list field referencing [Item ID], which is a bunch of items that the customer ordered. If this is a correct description of your setup, then question is why do you have the [Order Record] datatype – why not just put all the info in [Order Details] and remove a layer?

  • In the editor, I have one datatype that contains pictures. It isn’t slow, but I wouldn’t expect it to be. The pictures aren’t saved in Bubble – they are links to AWS where the actual pictures are saved. Are your pictures uploaded and saved in this way, or are the actual picture files saved into your Datatype?

  • One thing I’d try is doing a test where instead of pulling the picture from the [Item ID], pull a text field and see if the speed is any different. That may help narrow the issue.

Thanks! You are correct on the most part. I would like to test something here, will reply to you as soon as possible.

It wasn’t the database issue! I took out some of the actions, {delete user} and {make changes to the current user}, from the workflow and it went smoothly. However, I have encountered another issue here, I cannot put any actions related to making the changes to the account like {delete account}, this will slow down dramatically even if I use {schedule api} to send the action in the backend, the result is the same…

Is this bubble issue?

I found the way out of this problem! I set a bit of delay on {Scheduling API} trigger and everything working perfectly.

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