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After some help on the performance and speed of my app. I am on the paid plan at the moment and the app is really struggling with both the web view and when i view data in the editor.

The app is based for store audits, as such the store is required to fill out various fields and take pictures. In total there is 90 questions for a store with say 20 of them been images.

My database structure is simply a table that stores the question, store, answer and image (if it has one). So far we have carried out 4 stores - so around 400 lines maximum in the table.

The app though is grinding to a halt, i am trying to retrieve data in the editor and it is taking around 40 seconds to load 50 records and often bombs out.

Is there any suggestions on how to handle this? Should i save my images in a different location and have a link or something to pull them through?

Any help would really be apptreciated


Hello @simonperks81

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Thanks for these, read through a lot of them previously.

It id the editor database that i am finding frustrating, this is grinding to a halt - i now have a message saying “some items in your database exceed 10mb” - how is this calculated? is it per item or for instance i have a list of images and it is the multiple of that?

I see.

Split sections into reusables. This will take the load off the editor.

Sorry, not explained this well.

It is the data itself inside the editor - Data > App Data > Table

I have even created a view to just bring back 2 columns and it still takes too long

You are using the backend to manage your data?

… the backend is not built for that

Hi, again sorry for the confusion - screenshot attached.

I am trying to simply review the data that has been entered, when clicking it takes forever - hence there must be a problem.

No problem. That is how the dB view works in the backend…. Slow

Consider adding views with a few fields (columns) to speed things up.

Hi, already done that and added a view with 2 columns and it is still not working correctly.

has to be that table though as others loading fine. Assuming it is the images and Bubble is somehow slowed down by these even though they are not part of the query/view.

Create a satellite data type that is super light along with each new audit. Include the audit score plus a few other info fields.

When you want to see the full audit details show them in another page or in a popup. Just make sure to load the rg with the satellite data type.

In the backend data they will load at regular speed.

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